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Global Strategy

About Global Strategy

Develop a Global Strategy for Entering Foreign Markets

Any enterprise that succeeds in one market has the potential to succeed in another market.

Any enterprise that succeeds in multiple markets has the potential to succeed globally.

Answers to Key Questions

  • Should I export? Is now the right time?
  • Can I manage a foreign operation?
  • Should I lease my technology abroad?
  • Should I seek an alliance?
  • Will exchange rates eat my profits?
  • What must change about my product?
  • Are my customers global?
  • What must change about my operations?
  • Government intervention? or support?
  • What stays here? What goes there?
  • Should I manufacture abroad? Where?
  • Is a global focus too broad?

Comprehensive Analysis

GuruPlus analyzes legal, cultural, political, ethical, financial, and logistical factors for your enterprise and your competitors to pursue a global strategy.

International Markets

Step through a structured process that evaluates the benefits and identifies the risks of entering a target foreign market.

Global Competitors

Check up on your ability to compete in the international market by comparing your capacity, experience, resources and credibility with other global enterprises.

Global Production

Each foreign market presents the
options to export, to license, to form a strategic alliance, or to directly invest in foreign operations. GuruPlus helps you assess your options in each market.

Global Priorities

All countries are potential targets, but they are not equal opportunities.GuruPlus evaluates the priority of each country based upon the feasibility of market entry and capacity to compete there.

Report your Analysis

Generate a polished report including charts and tables that justify your entry into each international market.

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